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  • 2018

Next Generation Bonsaïs

Bō is a French brand offering next-generation bonsais. At the very heart of this venture lies a passion for the Art of Bonsai coupled with a mission to bring this to the world’s attention.

Born from the encounter between French excellence and the sophistication and richness of Japanese culture, Bō unashamedly fuses traditional Japanese art, aesthetics, innovation and technology to offer its members and clients a unique genre of avant-garde, living art.

Finest aesthetic

Material Design

With Bō, innovation is first and foremost aesthetic.

Bō conceive, in collaboration with Ova Design and Bō’s Japanese Bonsai Master, a pioneering range of pot designs comprising the finest materials, crafted by skilled French artisans.

Bō allows to offer clients exclusive bonsai-pots with an absolute visual harmony.
Furthermore, these re-designed pots feature, in a non-invasive manner, the IoTree system.

Data feedbacks


IoTree system

The IoTree system, developed by Bō, uses sensors to measure and detect key information, the Internet of Things (IoT Sigfox network) to express its findings, and artificial intelligence to reflect and determine the best course of action, with a mobile application to guide the end-user.